The Turkish Alphabet

The Turkish alphabet is composed of 29 letters (see table below).  It has all the letters in the English alphabet, except "q", "w", and "x".  In addition, it has the characters "", "", "", "", "", and "".

While "", "", and "" are within the standard Western character set (ISO-8859-1), the characters "", "", and "" are not.  Consequently, if you don't have any Turkish fonts installed on your system, and if you don't enable the Turkish character set (ISO-8859-9) in your browser, most probably you will not be viewing "", "", and "" properly.  The character "" should look like a "g" with a breve (curvy bar) on top (see character #9 below), "" should look like an "i" without a dot (char #11), and "" should look like an "s" with a cedilla (char #23).  Also note that, in Turkish, the upper case "i" is dotted, and the "I" is reserved for the capital of "dotless-i" (compare characters 11 & 12).

Please check the image below for both the lower and upper case letters in the Turkish alphabet.  Please note that the table below is an image, i.e., you will be able to view its contents correctly even if you don't have any Turkish fonts.  If your view of the special characters within the text above is identical to those in the table below, then your browser/system is setup for viewing Turkish.


If you would like to test whether you can display a Turkish MS-Word document properly on your PC, click here.

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