Turkish Fonts

Most probably your Windows 95/98 has Turkish fonts within its Multilanguage Support package, and most probably they need to be activated.  In order to activate the Turkish fonts, click My Computer/Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs/Windows Setup;  select Multilanguage Support and click Details; select Turkish Language Support and click OK.

If this doesn't work, you might find the following links useful:

Test whether Turkish Language Support is active on your system

You can test whether the Turkish Language Support is active on your system by downloading one of the files listed below.  Choose the version of MS-Word you are using and click (while holding down the shift key) to download.  The test document contains the Turkish Alphabet both in text and image formats.  The image format will be displayed correctly even if you don't have any Turkish support.  If you have Turkish support on your system, then the text format will be displayed correctly, and will match the image.

Here are some TrueType Turkish fonts which you can download:

If you are in a hurry and can't seem to activate the Turkish support on your PC, you can still obtain a usable Turkish document.  Just download one or both of the Turkish fonts below, and install on your system.  Then open your document, select the text and change the font to Turkish Times New Roman or Turkish Arial.

What about Mac systems?

You will have to purchase Turkish fonts for your Mac.  Here is one vendor (not affiliated with Turkishlingua).  You might be able to find free Turkish fonts elsewhere and download.

Can a Turkish document written on a PC be transferred to a Mac, and vice versa?  Yes, but this must be done with extreme care.  The origin of the problem is that the special Turkish characters are not represented with the same codes on the two platforms.  Usually the document must be saved as "text-only" and then a conversion must be applied.  We can provide Mac-compatible text-only files, which can be copied-and-pasted into your Mac DTP application; all you would need to do is then to select the text and change the font to whatever Turkish font you have on your system.

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